The drive to Waterton National Park, all hay fields and distant mountains

I had always planned on moving to San Francisco. Someday I’ll move to San Francisco, I’d say. Someday. 

When the time came, I was 26 years old and flew out there with no job, no place to live and no plan, really. I wanted to be a writer. I figured things would work themselves out.
Prince of Wales Hotel

But San Francisco didn’t just pull me into her bosom and welcome me the way I thought she would. I temped for a while, trucking my one bag of clothing and pillow from one friend’s couch to another for over a month. I was broke, homeless and unemployed.

Blue mountains in the morning

A year after I moved there, I broke up with my first real love. I moved out of his apartment. I had a job by then and found my own place, but felt more stranded than I had ever been. It was near Halloween, I remember, the air had just a kiss of fall. I would go out to Ocean Beach and run while the sun set over the Pacific and a plump harvest moon rose over the city.

That’s me.

A broken heart can shatter you. But it can also make you feel as raw and alive as you have ever been. Like something is opening before you, something you cannot see yet, something far off, just a fleck on the horizon.

The hike to Crypt Lake

It was only then that San Francisco opened up her arms and I began to love her truly.
Standing all alone before the ocean.

You guys: the colors!

Moving to Calgary was a bit of a shock. I had never said, Someday, I’ll move to Calgary.

To get to Crypt Lake you have to climb through this very tiny tunnel.

I was so devoted to my beloved San Francisco, that I arrived to Canada with my nose turned up at everything I thought this place was: big trucks, cowboy culture, oil and gas. I was too good for it all. (For more on San Francisco smugness, I highly recommend the South Park Episode “Smug Alert.“)

Little butterfly friends at Crypt Lake
A rest on the lakeshore

But this summer, something shifted.

More dreamy fall colors

We packed up our tent, our backpacks, some good food and sleeping bags.

More blue mountains.

We explored.

Waterton Ferry

I have always also said, “Someday, I want to live in the mountains.”

I am extremely attached to this here guidebook.

So it turns out I did get one of my Somedays.

Hike to Wall Lake

It just didn’t look the way I expected it too.

Testin out the Macro setting.
I guess nothing ever does.
Mystical little stream.

Over the course of our little adventures, our new home has worked its way into my heart.

Wall Lake. I became quite obsessed with the reflections.

And I find myself astonished in the way I was in San Francisco, looking up and around, thinking, “Wow. I can’t believe I live here.”

Reflection turned lengthwise. Amazing, right?!

It’s funny the way we fall in love with places. They way they sneak up and suddenly, they are a part of us.

Panorama of the reflection.

It’s funny the way our Somedays suddenly arrive.

Those flecks on the horizon form fully, right before our eyes.

Goodbye Wall Lake.

I have also been saying for years now, Someday, we’ll get a decent camera.

The bridge on home.

And this week, we did!  It was agony trying to pick the best ones.


But I hope you like these.


I hope your summer has been full of adventures and surprises.

Oh fall. You beautiful thing, you.

I hope your fall is full of colors.

The road home.
Farewell sweet summer. See you next year.