Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

This weekend we went to the cabin for Canadian Thanksgiving.  The kids (our niece and nephew) kept asking us to make them a scavenger hunt. We never got around to it, but we went for a long walk and called it a treasure hunt. After all, anything can be a treasure, (most of them were lost golf balls.)

I loved these pictures of the kids searching the forest.

Their little red sweaters made them stand out in the trees.

It reminded me how the littlest things were the greatest adventures when you’re a kid.

Like finding the perfect stick.

Or walking through a tunnel.

 I love artists that make magic out of real life. Like this photographer.  

 She said she wanted to ‘remind others of forgotten magic and beauty’.


 I think I’d like to figure out how to do that too.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

One thought on “Thanksgiving Treasure Hunt

  1. Am I seeing two Little Red Riding Hoods in the woods? 😉 Seriously, though, it’s nice seeing 21st generation kids enjoying exploring nature. Like what you’ve mentioned, it’s like reminding others of forgotten magic and beauty. I think they had a blast. I don’t need to ask to know. So, are you still planning to continue the cancelled scavenger hunt?Rosalinda ^.^

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