This weekend, we took a road trip. We drove west through the Banff park entrance we’ve driven through a hundred times, out to Lake Louise and up the Icefields parkway and then we just kept driving…


Until we got to where I had never been before.

We had had a pretty bad week. It was good to get away.

We sat by the river in these chairs in the morning with our coffee and then returned again with beers at night.


“What if everyone could just start the day like this, by the river in the sun with a cup of coffee?” I asked him one morning.

We hiked.


Dan tried to fish. A little.


It rained. A little.


And there were blue skies too.


At some point the troubles of the week washed down the river, away with the rain. Many people, of course, have written about how the natural wild world restores you somehow. But it’s true, isn’t it?


Dan keeps telling me I have to write a blog. I don’t know why it gets so hard to carve time out for yourself. I think it’s actually just easy not to do it. Whenever I take a trip like this it reminds me that all you have to do is make things happen. Just get in the car and go.

5 thoughts on “Jasper.

  1. Enjoyed your blog. Incredible pics. Our guide in Boca this past weekend is originally from a town a hour from Ferni! He says the river is a world class trout stream with great float trips. Could you research availability and cost late July -Aug for a float trip? It might be a fun adventure this year or next! I miss you and Dan a lot!! DADO

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  2. Wow, Sky; beautiful photos! I especially love the one with the boat in the foreground. I agree with Dan: you do need to make time for blog posts! They’re lovely and inspiring.

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