Alta closing day is a good destination for an epic girls weekend

Alta closing day is a day of magic on the ski slopes: blue bird sunny skies, PBRs flowing in abundance, brazen dashes at huge jumps, naked skiers, retro skiers, caped skiers, Speedo skiers. Everyone’s having a whale of a time.

My destination was actually my lady friends–seven brilliant beautiful inspiring hilarious amazing women. There was tequila, Coronas at noon, dirty Scrabble, a dance party.


Somebody built a mogul course and a jump off the Wildcat lift. Costumed spectators gathered on a hill top to watch people tackle that jump. Man alive. Some of these guys were amazing–like double back flip amazing. Some of them completely bailed. It’s quite a scene, I’ll tell you.


Later the crowd moves over to high Rustler. But I couldn’t stay that long- I had a plane to catch.

It had been such a long time since I broke out these handmade skirts and bear hats. Spring skiing in a cape and bear hat is something I wish for all of you.


I last posted on this blog nine months ago. I was in the throes of one of those rare spells in life where everything felt exactly as it should be. Things are a little different now. We have had some scares and some sadness. But even in the grip of harder times, I have felt so acutely–this is it, right now: My life.

Which is why it is ever more important to make time for old friends, fly distances if need be, pack all your best gear, dance and talk late into the night until you’ve released whatever it is you keep locked up in your chest… and let the sun warm you up on the ski slopes until you remember all of the things you have always loved are right here. Alta