First Mother’s Day – 4 of 100

On my first mother’s day, James let me sleep until almost 7:30 a.m. When I looked at the clock I could hardly believe it. But he’s changing. Every day. And one of those changes is more sleep for both of us.

Dan slipped out of bed early and I heard the coffee grinder go off. For once, I got to be the one who slumbered on. When I woke, breakfast was ready and Dan was so excited to hand me a card that read: I love being married to you.

IMG_1981 IMG_1982

James bounced in his bouncy chair and we drank smoothies from big red wine glasses. James went down for a nap and we polished off a second cup of coffee. Dan and I have always loved our mornings.

Then our friend Charles and his 10 month old, Benoit, swung by and we drove out towards the mountains. It’s been so long since we went out to our beloved mountains! We settled into a picnic table for lunch and Dan draped a big blanket around me while I snuggled James into the carrier where he fell fast asleep. It was chillier than any of us had bargained for.


Dan and Charles threw their lines into the pond while James slept and I sat in the Crazy Creek. Benoit sat on a blanket next to me, picking things up and looking around. Clouds rolled in and it started to rain. On the way down, the thought of just sitting in the rain watching the boys fish didn’t sound so greatly appealing, but it was the perfect thing to do. Although I am not an avid fisher, I have grown to appreciate the zen of the sport. I felt so cozy there under the blanket with James snuggled up to me breathing away in his sleep, his soft hair brushing my chin. Two hours passed.


Then I did begin to get cold. We all packed up and before we left we went into the little hut to warm up by the fire. A Turkish bbq gathering was in full swing and we were immediately offered chicken wings and these delicious seasoned lamb burger patties. Then cake. The ladies were asking about James. One woman gave me a cupcake – for mother’s day. We hugged. She said there is an expression in Turkish about unexpected surprises waiting for you.


When we got home, we watched a movie, James content to bounce away in bouncy chair while we cooed and made faces at him.

He was 11 weeks old on Mother’s Day.

I feel like that second month of mothering was all about the challenges. These past few weeks have been all about the joy. Of course the challenges remain. Of course they do! But James is so full of smiles and funny faces and noises. The feeling of his little hands and arms reaching around your neck and his intoxicating smell. He seems excited – rather than overwhelmed – to be alive and here with us. Dan and I go gaga over him every single minute.

When I put James to bed, I got a little choked up. If you want to be a mom, you wonder your whole life who your kids will be – and here he is. Our first little guy. Perfection.

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