Father’s Day – 13 of 100

After not posting last week, I promised myself I’d do multiple posts this week. But no. Now it is Thursday. I have been working on a few longer posts, but for now, a quick reflection on Father’s Day.

When I met Dan I knew instantly he’d be a great father – and now I get to watch him action. Snuggling James. Making him laugh. Loving our son with that big heart of his. This is one of those been-looking-forward-to-it-my-whole-life things.


Father’s Day was a rather lazy Sunday. There was a plan to go fishing, but rolling thunderstorms and two very tired adults had us still sipping coffee at 11 a.m. Dan opened his card and his presents. We got iced cappuccinos at Tim Horton’s and went for a walk in the sun. There were dads everywhere, tossing their kids in the air, pushing their little bikes, holding their hands. Instagram and Facebook were full of pictures of dads and kids with messages that said things like I have the best dad, I’m the luckiest daughter/son/wife/dad.

And all day, even though we didn’t do much, I could feel the love, you know? Sons and daughters appreciating their dads. Wives looking all googly eyed at their husbands. And dads feeling so lucky to have their little ones. I know not all fathers are perfect, or even good. So I guess my thought for the day was that if we are lucky enough to have a man who’s killing it as a dad – well, I’m glad we’re all celebrating them.

I love that so many superlatives – best, luckiest, etc- can be thrown around in one day and can all be true.

Isn’t this the kind of love what makes the world go round?

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