Home again, home again – 14 of 100

We are back from a three week trip to Ontario and Minnesota – and despite my personal vow to write and blog while away – a radio silence. I have so much to say about our amazing weeks away, but now, I am wrapped up in the feelings of coming home and the quiet of the house as James lies down for his first nap.

For three weeks, we have been surrounded by the noise and love of so many friends and family. Dan has been around 24/7 to bounce and kiss James – and put him down for naps and burp him and love him.

When we hefted our suitcases into the house, I felt all the feelings of coming home – relief, the amazing-ness of my own bed, the comfort of our own things all around us. And, also, ready nostalgia.

Dan got up early and went to get us coffees and a few staples for our empty fridge at 6:30 this morning. He got ready for work and raced to the nursery when James woke up to snuggle him. “We should meet for lunch this week,” he said. “I’m going to be going through James withdrawal.”

And James and I played while I unpacked and listened to music. He giggled and smiled, as usual, but I couldn’t help but feel that both of us felt a little lonely without grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and new faces- but especially without Dad. I really felt like he kept looking around, wondering, where is everyone?


There are so many great things ahead of us this summer. It’s just so bittersweet when the things you’ve been looking forward are suddenly over. Sigh.

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