My new jeans (and thoughts on body after baby) – 20 of 100

Last week, I went out an bought a very expensive pair of jeans.

These jeans are beautiful and make my ass look amazing.


Hell yes, I love these jeans!

I haven’t spent a good chunk of change on jeans in… well, I honestly can’t remember. The last pair of jeans I bought in 2013, right before I started my job at Stampede, and they cost $60. You get what you pay for, amiright?

I think it’s important that moms (and all women for that matter!) treat themselves a little bit (or a lot) when it comes to feeling good about the way we look.

Our bodies go through incredible transformations in pregnancy. Of course when you look at a pregnant woman, you think – god she looks amazing! And it is the most beautiful thing. Truly (love this A Beautiful Body photography project). But when it’s you’re own body, things can be different.

For the most part, I did ok with it. But I had my moments. Throwing clothes all over the bed. Feeling defeated when I realized I’d land in the upper echelons of ‘normal’ weight gain. Seeing the weight creep into my face.


Many angles of this picture were taken until Dan got it just right enough for me to feel comfortable with the way I looked.

I had some pretty serious body image issues in my teens and twenties (who didn’t) I’ve worked hard to negotiate my relationship to my body – and I’m pretty happy with where I’m at. I exercise to be healthy, not to be skinny. I love to cook and tasty healthy food – and always have a bag of potato chips on hand that I’ll indulge in guilt free when the time is right.

But it’s hard after you have a baby. I mean now you have this seven pound bundle of flesh in your arms and there’s still a whole lot more pounds of flesh left on your own self. What the heck?


Here’s one I feel way less comfortable with.

And it’s not just the weight gain. Your most precious parts have been stretched, possibly torn. There are stitches in places. You are battered and bruised. Your breasts become tender milk machines.

I remember soon after James was born – my milk came in and my boobs were totally engorged. My midwife told me that cabbage leaves could help so I was getting into bed, with my wobbly belly, sore hoo hoo, swollen breasts covered in cold cabbage leaves. Dan was like, “Sky, you smell like saurkraut.” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I think I laughed, but I definitely thought: This is the least sexy I have ever been.

So believe me when people told me I looked great, I did not care if they were just saying it to be nice or if they meant it – it meant so much to me to hear that. So note to everyone: Just tell all women they look great.

Meghan J. Ward blogs about being an adventurous parent and she has a great post about how it took her two years to recovery her vitality after giving birth. I also love her post about her post-body baby – especially this part about getting over feeling betrayed by her body: I remembered I had just had a baby. I carried her for 40 long weeks, awaited her arrival through 28 hours of back labour, birthed her little body, and now nurse her for hours each day to help her grow. How silly (no, shameful!) of me to think my body had betrayed me. On the contrary, it had served me better than ever before.

We’re doing nothing short of giving life here. Let us not forget.

At six months post-baby, my body is far from perfect (believe me, I love these jeans as much for what they hide as for what they highlight). But if I wait around for a perfect body, I’ll be waiting forever. It is perfectly what it is.

So I bought these jeans. I practically skipped home with them in my bag, James strapped to my chest. I feel amazing in them. I feel amazing about feeling amazing. Sometimes, I said to Dan, money can by happiness.

So, ladies, consider this your invitation to go out and treat yo selves!

7 thoughts on “My new jeans (and thoughts on body after baby) – 20 of 100

  1. Thanks for this awesome post! Every time a mama writes about it serves all the other mamas who feel like there is something wrong with struggling through the changes. I appreciate you linking to the posts on Adventurous Parents. Great jeans (and ass!!). 🙂

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