Of the stars

This week I’m thinking about friends.

The ones I always think about, but the ones I was really close to when I was younger and who drifted away for whatever reason. There’s been this very moving coming together since Katie passed away last week. I feel like I’ve gotten really close to this part of my life that I don’t take the time to think about all the time. It’s nice to know that memories are floating around for us to pluck out of the sky when we need them.

And. Simply, I don’t know what I would do without my friends.

And speaking of friends, my friend Laura Lee has this wonderful blog called A Tad Bookish, and I loved her post this week. Please read it here.  It ties in with this beautiful book about work that I’m reading called Crossing the Unknown Sea by David Whyte.

After months of working in the Galapagos as a Naturalist, he’s contemplating what’s ahead of him and he writes,

I thought of the old Latin root of the word desire, meaning de sider, of the stars. To have a desire in life literally means to keep your star in sight, to follow a glimmer, a beacon, a disappearing will-o’-the-wisp over the horizon into someplace you cannot yet fully imagine. A deeply held desire is a star that is particularly your own; it might disappear for a while, but when the skies clear we catch sight of it again and recognize the glimmer.

A star that is particularly your own. I could dwell on that image all day.

Take care my friends. I hope that disappearing will-o-the-wisp is pulling you right along.